The main goal of our trading business is selling the products by APF to wholesale customers in the Baltics and Europe and positioning the brand in the market.

Our retail partners:
Rimi, Maxima, Stockmann, Sky, LIDL, Mego, Citro, Top, Grossi (OG ELEKTRA), Bolt, Wolt

Our wholesale partners:
Rolveda, Ex-trade, Ovotrade, Bidfood Latvija, Voldemārs, Konig Distribution, Augļu Serviss (LIETAS MD), Bellamer Grupp

We often partner with local purchasers, especially families in the Baltic States who value local origin and high food product quality. We also export up to 30 percent of our production to other EU countries. Our partners abroad value our ability to ensure stable production rates and supplies and the quality of Latvian products.