Society as a whole

Humans have been eating eggs for several thousand years. The egg contains many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids vital for our well-being. Due to their high nutritional value and versatility, eggs play an important role in the diet of the entire family. They're also used as a component in a large number of dishes and food products. As the second largest egg producer in Latvia, we bear the responsibility of bringing affordable, nutritious, and good-quality protein to the people in Latvia and abroad.

The chicken

What is it like for the chicken on the farm? The welfare of farm animals and responsibility towards nature are among the main concerns for us and people around the world. Our team has carefully analyzed the most advanced technological solutions. We focus on creating an environment where laying hens are able to walk, spread their wings, hover between perches, scratch, enjoy the benefits of natural bedding, and experience peace in the nest at any time.

Here's what we provide for our hens

The maximum stocking density is 9 hens per m2 

Use of natural bedding at least per 1/3 of the floor surface

Easily accessible feeders and water points

Adapted perches where laying hens have enough space

The APF team

Our team is one of our greatest values here at APF. We're proud of each of our qualified and competent professionals who bring their unique skills and experience to the company.  

APF also serves as a source of jobs and income for people residing in the Aluksne municipality. Currently, we have more than 50 locals on our team. As one of the biggest taxpayers in the region, APF contributes to the local municipal budget through duties and taxes. In our organization, we highly value diversity and equal opportunity for everyone. Therefore, we welcome people from different backgrounds.


It's important for us to give back to our local community. We have participated in various initiatives to support non-profit organizations in the Aluksne municipality and other regions in Latvia, including: 


International Christmas Judo Tournament

We've been supporting the organization of the International Christmas Judo Tournament in Aluksne since 2017. The goal of the tournament is to promote judo among the younger generation and to find the strongest young wrestlers. The Christmas Judo Tournament is organized by the sports club Kurbads in cooperation with the local municipality and sports school. 

Hand in Hand

Association Mēs skolai (We for the school) 

In 2018, we joined the association Mēs skolai proposal to help renew the recreation premises for students in Ziemeri Primary School. 


Latvian Society of the Blind

In 2018, we supported the Latvian Society of the Blind so that visually impaired and blind athletes from Latvia could participate in the international showdown competition. Regular participation in international competitions increases the team's  professional experience and improves their chances to make the top 10 in Latvia and on an international level.