Fiteg² EGG White smoothie

Ready to drink

Fiteg² is an egg smoothie from cage-free eggs laid in a barn, a rich source of biologically valuable protein. Ready to drink pasteurized product in Apple&Vanilla, Mango and Orange flavours. It does not have a floury texture and a strong egg taste.

Fiteg² is ideal nutrition for seniors, active people, athletes, new mothers and children (recommended to use from 5 years of age). Perfect for recovery, breakfast, snack, lunch, weight management and just a delicacy.

cage-free BARN eggs
cage-free BARN eggs


Keep it chilled to save natural and long lasting.

Temperature +2°C … +6°C, shelf life: 140 days;
shelf life as opened: 3 days.

Packaged in carton and recyclable cork (LDPE and HDPE) 300ml.

Does not contain


Liquid egg mass

Experience the excellence of our pasteurized egg mass crafted from the finest cage-free eggs sourced from high-quality farms in Aluksne. Our carefully selected eggs are transformed into a liquid consistency, ensuring purity and presented in sterile packaging . Elevate your culinary experience with our premium egg mass.

Keep it chilled to save natural and long lasting.

Packaged in BiB 10l boxes.

cage-free BARN eggs
cage-free BARN eggs

Consider benefits

  • Pasteurized
  • No shells and additional impurities
  • Ready to use for easy cooking
  • Convenient storage/holding
  • Natural product, no preservatives or additional additives
  • A source of protein

Excellent for

Indulge in the versatility of our egg mass, meticulously produced to meet the highest standards of product hygiene and safety. This premium egg mass is ideal for a wide range of culinary applications, making it perfect for preparing various dishes that incorporate eggs. Whether you're running a large-scale production or indulging in smaller culinary creations, our egg mass is suitable for individuals who love to cook. From fluffy scrambled eggs and savory omelets to delectable confectionery, pancakes, quiches, cakes, and pasta, our egg mass enhances the flavor and quality of every creation. Unlock endless culinary possibilities with our exceptional product.