We see the world as a place where industrial farming is entirely circular and ethical. Leading by example, we can show how.

For more than 60 years, poultry farming has been a cherished tradition in Aluksne. Our goal is to raise the bar for this beloved tradition to a level appropriate for today. We have already become one of the three most successful poultry farms in the Baltics by combining a fresh perspective, determination, and high moral standards.

As a new generation of farmers with our hearts in the right place, we know industrial farming can be ethical and sustainable. We're on the lookout for new and efficient ways eggs can satisfy the energy needs of people and the planet. A solid moral compass and a no-waste mindset guide our path.

Our eggs

APF produces and sells eggs under Oluksne, Oluksne Premium and APF brands. Our offerings include free range eggs (category 1), barn eggs (category 2) and enriched cage eggs (category 3). We ensure the best quality and conditions for our hens, so we're continuously evolving our production facility.

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Eggs come in different sizes from S to XL. Most often, packages with M or L-size eggs are found on store shelves.


S eggs weight up to 53 g. M eggs in weight from 53 – 63 g. L eggs in weight from 63 – 73 g. XL eggs weight more than 73 g.

Production method

4 different production methods are possible for eggs. 0 – organic eggs. 1 – free-range eggs. 2 – barn eggs. 3 –  enriched cage eggs

OUR APPROACH to farming

We're convinced that sustainable thinking is the foundation for a responsible approach to day-to-day operations and decisions. So we are constantly looking for environmentally friendly solutions and ideas.

Just as all parts of an egg are a valuable resource, the waste and byproducts from egg production are also an opportunity to recycle, create value, and close the production loop. We call this a no-waste mindset, and we see it as our responsibility and duty toward the environment and a more sustainable way of farming.