We see the world as a place where industrial farming is entirely circular and ethical. Leading by example, we can show how. 


We're on the lookout for new and efficient ways how eggs can satisfy the energy needs of people and the planet. A solid moral compass and a no-waste mindset guide our path.


Hands Heart


We see the potential and value in every step. Believing that every person is a good partner and colleague is always our starting point. Even when facing challenges, we apply circular economy principles to create new ideas and solutions.



We are creative farmers. Our goal is to find new and innovative ways to add value to eggs and egg byproducts. This principle also applies to building relationships because new ideas are born in open conversations.



We foster the prosperity of the Latvian countryside and give back to local communities. We support what matters the most and provide benefits in the long term. We build relationships with our teammates that are supportive and encouraging.


Moral compass

Our goal is to make the product and farming more ethical and sustainable. We improve animal welfare standards and provide an excellent workplace and better consumer outcomes.