Jurijs Adamovičs Founder and Chairman of the Management Board

Jurijs Adamovičs is an entrepreneur, investor, and internationally renowned bank restructuring and corporate turnaround professional with more than 20 years of experience. 
Mr Adamovics assures, that  poultry industry has a strong potential, as the consumption of egg and poultry protein in the world continues to grow faster than any other type of protein of animal origin, and the advantages of the Latvian poultry industry must be used to develop this market potential
Currently, Mr Adamovics holds Chairman positions of the Management and Supervisory Boards of several his portfolio companies, including non-executive chairmanship in Industra Bank AS. Mr Adamovics received Masters in Finance degree from prestigious London Business School and holds an Executive MBA and Bachelor`s degree in international Economic Relations from University of Latvia, where he also has completed a theoretical programme for PHD in Economics.  

Hermanis Dovgijs Member of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hermanis oversees operations of all Group subsidiaries. He has very extensive experience in company restructuring and systemic transformation processes and he is convinced that integration of sustainable solutions in production processes are one of the cornerstones of successful growth. In his opinion, the investment in the local community and environmental protection is at least as important as the investment in the expansion and modernization of the production plant. Before joining the APF team, Hermanis had a successful career in banking and asset management in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. He has obtained a master's degree in business administration at Daugavpils University.

Mihails Keziks Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer

Mihails is an experienced manager in finance industry. Before joining the APF team, Mihails worked as a project director and portfolio manager in large financial institutions. From an economic perspective, Mihails sees the financial attractiveness of agriculture and poultry farming – eggs will be in demand as long as people eat them. However, additional value is growth opportunities given by this industry that occurs alongside the company's development by implementing continuous improvements in hen welfare solutions, introducing more elements of the circular economy, and thus allowing to discover more ways for efficient use of waste materials. Mihails holds a master's degree in finance and banking from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. 

Diliara Adamovičs Head of Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications

One of Diliara's core values ​​is a socially responsible approach to business, which she has also been implementing in her work at APF since 2021. Diliara has 20 years of work experience in developing and building corporate culture in specialized projects, including marketing in Eastern Europe. For more than 10 years she has been developing and implementing various charity projects, which are currently being implemented into APF as well. Diliara's broad work experience is complemented also by her higher education in the field of HR.

Zane Jansone Head of Administration

Before entering the poultry industry, Zane's field of work was  related to trade and banking industries. She has been working in the field of administrative support in various capacities for more than 15 years. In Zane’s opinion, the food production sector is very dynamic and changing, which does not allow settling into routine and challenges to look for new approaches and solutions. She is very happy to have the opportunity to work with a persistent management team and to develop the direction      of food production that offers such an extremely valuable and accessible product for consumers – eggs.

Olga Stepanova Head of R&D

At APF, Olga is responsible not only for the ideas, development and implementation of new products, but also for ensuring that every APF egg is produced under the best conditions. She believes that the egg is a very diverse product, and it is possible to prepare many other tasty products from it. The egg's potential has not been fully revealed. Olga has obtained a master's degree in the field of chemical technology, which is complemented by work experience at leading food, scientific and sports nutrition production companies.

Mārtiņš Dreimanis COO

Mārtiņš Dreimanis is a highly skilled and dedicated Chief Operational Officer at SIA Alūksnes Putnu Ferma. With a passion for optimizing production efficiency, they take pride in leading various improvement projects and ensuring the smooth operation of all production units. His expertise lies in effectively managing resources, providing valuable insights for process enhancements, and delivering high-quality results. He has a knack for strategic planning and coordination of human resources, fostering team motivation, and supporting the professional growth of their colleagues. Additionally, his keen eye to detail ensures that we deliver top-notch goods and services. Mārtiņš unwavering commitment and personal touch contribute greatly to the success of the company.


Janis is an experienced sales professional, thriving on the challenges and diversity that each large project brings. With over 10 years of experience in the local and international egg market he has a profound deep knowledge of production and expertise in management of sales and logistics. Janis is a team player who values strong collaboration with colleagues and constantly launches challenging projects in expansion of APF market share. 

JANA GARANČA Head of Marketing and Digital projects

Jana joined the APF team in 2023 as Head of Marketing and Digital Projects. With a background in various sectors including 23 years in automotive field, later FMCG, catering, and e-commerce and MBA focused on Marketing, her expertise is valuable in ambitious projects, APF have launched. Jana's approach characterized by constant learning of new practical things and innovation, actively supports APF’s product development and marketing strategies.


Jevgenijs is passionate, ambitious, and determined. Before joining APF, he gained versatile experience in the IT&T industry, managing procurement and IT&T development projects, planning annual budgets, and overseeing quality and compliance management. In the early stages of his career, he acquired in-depth knowledge in finance, which, coupled with a technical understanding of processes, has enhanced his effective team leadership. Jevgēnijs is responsible for the execution of all APF strategical development projects. 

MĀRA SĪLĪTE Senior Financial Analyst

Mara`s contribution to APF is extension of data analyses processes in operational business. Mara holds master’s in economics, and she has a strong background in accounting, auditing, and financial analysis, with professional experience of nearly 8 years in banking and 13 years in pharmaceuticals and stevedoring. In 2023 she joined the egg production industry, a new arena that offered challenges and opportunities for growth.  In a very short time Mara has assured her financial expertise also on this industry.