APF Holdings achieved historically best results last year - turnover of 13.3 million euros and a profit of 527 thousand euros.

APF Holdings (hereinafter - APF), which includes one of the largest Baltic egg producers SIA Alūksnes putnu ferma, the Unaudited Annual Report for the year 2023 indicates that APF concluded the past year with a turnover of 13.318 million euros, which is 18% more than the previous year when turnover was 11.229 million euros. Meanwhile, the company's profit last year was 527,108 euros, which is 59% more than the previous year when the profit was 331,047 euros.

APF Holdings Attracts €7 Million in a Private Bond Placement

APF Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "APF"), which includes one of the largest Baltic egg producers SIA Alūksnes putnu ferma, has successfully secured €7 million from a private bond placement. CVI acquired the entire volume of the bond issue. The maturity for the bonds is set at four years.

APF Holdings: Demand for barn-laid eggs in Latvia may double this year, egg prices to remain at last year's level

APF Holdings (hereinafter referred to as APF), which includes one of the largest Baltic egg producers, SIA Alūksnes putnu ferma, predicts a significant increase in demand for barn-laid eggs in Latvia this year. The demand could potentially double from around 36 million last year to 70-75 million this year. This projection considers the ongoing trend of supermarkets gradually discontinuing the sale of cage-laid eggs. APF also anticipates that egg prices in Latvia will remain stable, maintaining the level of 2023.

This announcement is about the submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the State Environmental Monitoring Bureau for review and approval

The report on reconstruction and increase of production capacity of the hen breeding and egg production facility “Alūksnes Putnu Ferma” was prepared in March 2023. The updated report, following public consultation, was prepared in May 2023 (the first edition submitted to the office on 31.05.2023; the second edition on 09.01.2024).

APF Holdings Initiates the Delivery of Pasteurized Egg Mass to the Customers

APF Holdings, a participant in the Latvian agro-industry and the third-largest egg producer in the Baltic region, which includes Aluksne Poultry Farm, has begun the delivery of pasteurized egg mass to the industrial culinary segment. The first deliveries to clients were made in October of this year, affirming the company's commitment to taking a leading role in sustainable and ethical culinary practices. This pasteurized egg mass, free from preservatives and additives, obtained from eggs laid in the barns of APF Holdings, reflects the company's dedication to ensuring quality, animal welfare, and meeting the requirements of the culinary industry.

APF Initiates Procurement Process for the Construction of Two New Hen Houses

Riga, Latvia - APF Holdings (hereafter referred to as APF), a prominent player in the Latvian agribusiness sector and the third-largest egg producer in the Baltic region, is pleased to announce the commencement of a new procurement process for the construction of two state-of-the-art hen houses. This strategic move aligns with the company's Initial Public Offering (IPO) objectives.

APF Holdings commences construction site preparation for new facilities in Aluksne, demonstrating commitment to investors through tangible actions

APF Holdings (NASDAQ: EGG), one of the leading egg producers in the Baltic region, today proudly announces the commencement of construction site preparations for its state-of-the-art sorting, egg processing, and warehouse facilities in Aluksne. This significant milestone underscores our dedication to investors and marks the realization of our ambitious investment goals outlined in our recent Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Today, the shares of APF Holdings have started trading on the stock exchange

Today, at 10:00 AM, the shares of AS APF Holdings (hereinafter - APF) began trading on the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange. The listing was initiated following the initial public offering (IPO) of APF, which concluded on November 3. The share price at the commencement of listing was €5.11. The shares are included in the First North list, and their trading symbol is "EGG."

APF Holdings IPO Attracts 107% of Investment Target, Investment Made Also by Two Pension Funds

AS APF Holdings (hereafter - APF) in its initial public offering (IPO), which concluded on Friday, November 3rd, has attracted 107% of the investment target, which amounts to 5 624 204 euros. The IPO target price per share was 5.11 euros, with a goal of 5 252 722 euros. In total, 2 128 investors participated in the IPO, and two Latvian pension funds also acquired a significant portion of the shares issued.

IPO of APF Holdings extended until November 3

Citadele group’s asset management company IPAS CBL Asset Management, on behalf of its state-funded pension plan CBL Aktivais, has expressed readiness to acquire a significant number of JSC APF Holdings (hereinafter – APF) shares under the initial public offering (IPO).