From the Latvian countryside

A clean natural environment is paramount when making high-quality products. The Aluksne Poultry Farm is situated in Putni, Ziemera Parish, Aluksne Municipality in Latvia. In food production, location is everything. And we're lucky to have it all – the serene wilderness of Northern Latvia, clean air, land, and water. The conditions are ideal for producing quality products characteristic of Latvia.

State-of-the-art poultry farm

Our history dates back to 1961, and we have gained vast experience since starting out. Does being the second-largest national producer of hen eggs help? Yes, it just makes us that much more competitive. We upgraded the Aluksne Poultry Farm to satisfy the high demand and quality requirements for eggs. In 2017, we modernized our farm, introducing brand-new production lines developed by leading manufacturers from Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. Our current production consists of three state-of-the-art poultry houses.

230 000 m2

The total area of egg production facilities

415 000

Laying hens capacity

90 000 eggs/h

Sorting facility capacity

2000 m2

Sorting facility area

115 000 000

Egg production capacity per year