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Cage-laid eggs 

Eggs are laid by hens living in cages with access to feed, water, and security. These hens are kept in cages that correspond to the minimum cage size per bird according to European Union regulations. This type of egg farming effectively protects the hens from disease and predators.

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Barn-laid eggs

Eggs are laid by hens that roam freely in a barn and have unlimited access to quality feed and clean water. Each hen has sufficient space to rest and hover from perch to perch.

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Free-range eggs 

Eggs are laid by hens that have a safe living environment in the barn house but also have accessibility to the great outdoors. Together with the traditional chicken feed, these hens enjoy the pasture's natural flora and insects. 

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Organic eggs 

The hens that lay organic eggs enjoy the same living conditions as the free-range laying hens roaming around the barn and open-air, but in addition, are fed organic feed.

APF offerings

Free range eggs

In collaboration with small partner farms in the Latvian countryside, APF provides free-range eggs. Eggs are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes. 

Oluksne eggs 

The brand name Oluksne originates from two words – ola (an egg in Latvian) and Aluksne (our origins). It is also the ancient name of Aluksne, meaning spring in the forest. 

The Oluksne brand has two categories of eggs – Oluksne Premium and Oluksne. The layer poultry farming method for Oluksne eggs is 2 (barn eggs). Oluksne Premium eggs are superior-quality eggs that are carefully selected by our production specialists. Both Oluksne Premium and Oluksne eggs are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes or egg trays. Each box contains 10 eggs, while the egg tray contains 30 eggs. 

APF eggs

APF brand eggs are enriched cage eggs (poultry farming method 3). We ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the European Union regarding the labeling, hygiene standards, storage, transportation, and distribution of eggs. We pack APF eggs in recycled cardboard boxes or egg trays. Each box contains 10 eggs, while the egg tray contains 30 eggs. APF consistently works towards increasing animal welfare. In the near future, the proportion of cage eggs in total APF production will significantly decrease.