Alūksnes Putnu Ferma launches Latvia’s first egg protein smoothie, Fiteg2


Keeping up with the trends of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, consumer egg production company Alūksnes Putnu Ferma, part of the joint stock company APF Holdings, presents a novelty never seen before in Latvia – Fiteg2, a brand of egg white protein smoothies. More than EUR 120,000 has been invested in the development and roll-out of the unique product line, which includes three flavors of smoothies.    

The recipe of the innovative Fiteg2 brand is based on high-quality egg white. It is a valuable source of protein, amino acids and other micronutrients such as vitamin B3, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, targeting a wide range of consumer groups, from people with active lifestyles, including children and athletes with high physical activity levels, to young mothers, senior residents, and people with special diets.    

Juicy flavors and lots of protein  

The new Fiteg2 egg protein smoothies are available in 300 ml packaging with 3 natural fruit flavors: mango, orange, and apple-vanilla. The nutritional values of egg white or protein are also different for each flavor. Mango egg protein smoothie contains 64 % egg white – 21 g of protein, orange smoothie contains 60 % egg white – 20 g of protein, and apple canilla smoothie contains 79 % egg white – 25 g of protein.    

Furthermore, Fiteg2 smoothies contain no added sugar, are lactose-free, fat-free, and gluten-free. The drinks must be refrigerated and have a shelf life of 140 days, but must be shaken slightly before consumption to obtain an airy and stable foam.    

“Achieve more! That is not only the motto of our new Fiteg2 brand, but also integral part of the lifestyle of socially, economically and physically active people. We are very pleased to have found a way to help people follow this lifestyle by offering them a protein-rich meal. We are confident that everyone – thowe who live active lifestyles, young mothers, senior residents or children 5 years and up – will discover their favourite Fiteg2 flavor. At the same time, we are proud that this innovative beverage category is not only expanding the product portfolio of Alūksnes Putnu Ferma, but also introducing a brand new beverage category in the Latvian food industry, which truly meets the trends of healthy living," comments Diliara Valitova, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development at APF Holdings.    

The new Fiteg2 egg protein smoothies are already available in Rimi and Narvesen retail chains, as well as at the Stockmann department store and on the Bolt Food online app. Packaging of products in this range is sustainable, convenient and environmentally friendly, as it is made of a recyclable composite material (paper and plastic-based, C/PAP 81).