Alūksnes Putnu Ferma releases “The Chick Game” – the first egg consumption and gaming app in Latvia


Which came first, the chicken or the egg, is no longer relevant because mass-market egg producer Alūksnes Putnu Ferma, part of APF Holdings, has set a unique precedent. In view of the rapid development of the smart device gaming market or mobile gaming industry and with the aim of reaching out to a more digitally advanced audience of younger and youth consumers, the company has invested more than EUR 200,000 in the development of a new egg brand and mobile application “The Chick Game”. As a result, consumers who buy products from the “The Chick Game” line will not only be able to enrich their diet with quality chicken eggs sustainably produced in Latvia, but also become “virtual chicken farmers” who learn about modern poultry farming practices in a digital and entertaining way.    

“Eggs in the modern-day world are no longer just a healthy product rich in proteins and vitamins. They have become an integral part of a healthy and progressive lifestyle, which in turn goes hand in hand with innovative technologies. Therefore, when developing “The Chick Game” project, we realized that fast-moving consumer goods and food industry can benefit greatly if day-to-day foods are served in a new, digitally delicious way,” comments Jana Garanča, Digital Projects Director at APF Holdings.      

Even children can play the game, and adults will also find it interesting  

There are currently over 3 billion gamers worldwide. In the European Union, egg consumption per capita is growing each year, too. So Alūksnes Putnu Ferma had an idea of combining eggs with the virtual world to create a modern and educational game for both consumers and gamers. “The Chick Game” will offer players to get to know the behind-the-scenes of a poultry farm in a really fun way, as well as give younger audiences the opportunity to educate themselves on the basic principles of finance.    

To start playing mobile game “The Chick Game”, a free app has to be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore, giving the player an opportunity to learn the basics of operating a chicken farm and preparing egg-based dishes in a light and fun way. For additional game bonuses, players need to purchase “The Chick Game” eggs and scratch and scan the special QR code on the packaging.     "

The Chick Game" eggs (10 eggs per carton) are already available at Rimi stores across Latvia: 37 Rimi Hyper Market, 32 Rimi Super Market, and 43 Rimi Mini Market stores.    

“The Chick Game” mobile app is already available for download on smartphones. The game has been developed by The Chick Game Studios Ltd., a joint venture between APF Holdings and FortySeven Software Professionals. FortySeven Software Professionals is a leading European IT consulting and software development company with more than ten years of experience in implementation of projects in different industries, including energy, fintech and computer games.