APF's Legacy

APF is a Top 3 hen egg producer in the Baltics with a history of production since 1961. The Company's production facilities are located in Alūksne with a current total capacity of 115 million eggs per year and a flock of 415 thousand laying hens. 

From a Single Barn to Multi-Million Revenue

Within 5 years, APF has grown from a single barn with 165 thousand laying hens and an annual revenue of EUR 3 million in 2017, to three fully operational hen houses generating EUR 11 million in revenue in 2022.

Strategic Investments

Since 2017, the Company has completed three investment phases with total investments exceeding EUR 15 million.

Third Hen House Elevates APF's Profits

A significant step was reached in 2021 when the third hen house was completed. This barn houses 125 thousand laying hens and allowed the Company to stabilize the annual egg output throughout the year, optimize the flock change cycle in barns, and as a result, reach profitability.

From a Poultry Farm to a Sustainable Industry Trendsetter

All investments have allowed APF to become the third-largest poultry farm in the Baltics, introduce new egg products, mobile game, and plan future steps of the company development to such as pullet raising and renewable energy, to become the leading poultry agroholding with a circular economy and no-waste production approach.

Historical  & Planned Performance '000 EUR

*EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, as well as before other irregular earnings and expenses, changes in laying hen book value, grants received etc.

Future plans

Future ambition

We will not stop with the IPO - we aim to grow into a fully circular, "zero-waste" producer. We have plans 11 additional barns, an organic fertilizer plant and expand our feed mill:


Investment Phase IV

APF is ready to implement its next step of development and invest EUR 16.7m to construct and equip two new barns (for laying hens, similar to the 2nd and 3rd hen houses), build the first pullet-raising house, expand the sorting facility, and invest in egg product equipment, as well as looking to refinance EUR 5.0m of existing liabilities.


APF's Vision for Future Growth

In the long term, APF plans several more investment phases, including the construction of 11 additional barns, second pullet house, biomethane and organic fertilizer production plant, as well as the expansion of the feed mill.